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Please attend Art in the Park IX,   Friday 6 nite, 7 pm Concert Openning 

and  on Saturday, Febrary 7, 9a.m.-4p.m.  attend the pictoric art festival

Located in the Park  in the center of Penonome in front of the large Catholic Church. 

For the Nine Year, our community has an opportunity to support young talent who  may not be able to cultivate the career of their dreams unless they have access to a scholarship to study and hone their craft.

Please support them by being there. Enjoy the beautiful, picturesque plaza that is so typical and quaint in the heart of Penonome. Linger at the many paintings of the students  and the professionals that are offered for sale at very reasonable prices. There will be works by some of the best artists in the country at this venue. Marilyn Hargrove, will receive an award for his distinguished work.

Realizing that the art is a heartfelt expression of a country full of pride and creativity, please take your time to take it in. Enjoy the music. Also, take in the local color and food at one of the local restaurants such as  El Tamarindo. By all means, buy a $3.00 raffle ticket for a chance to win the beautiful Bryan Vergara painting donated by the artist. This painting is presently hanging in the El Tamarindo Restaurant in Penonome for you to view prior to the event.

This year, The committee working on the event has been able to attain 4 scholarships for art materials ($525.00 each). One from GANEXA  (the excellent art school in the city) and 3 from the municipality of Penonome. Last year Ganexa awarded our student contest winner a full scholarship worth several thousands of dollars. We need more of these to help the best students who can’t afford the tuition on their own. If you can help in any way, please contact Marilyn K Hargrove at

Having the support of the Beach and Mountain Communities in the interior is very much appreciated by the artists and the committee. It is vital to the event.

Will you please be there? We need you. Thank you.

Directions: As you enter Penonome from the direction of Coronado, you will come to a “V” in the road in front of Dos Continentes Hotel. Take the “V” to the right and go straight through this Commercial Center of town for several blocks until you see the large white church and have to turn to the left. The park is there in front of the church. You will find parking at the church and around the Park.

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