“Arte en el Parque” Penonome Foundation


A group of people from Penonomé interested in the intellectual and artistic development of the country proposed to establish a non- goverment organization , in an attempt to promote culture and all forms of arts, having as a main objective, supporting art students.

The growing number of art professionals and non professionals in all aspects of life taking place in the province of Cocle, has also been an ingredient to joint efforts towards this project for the present and future generations.

The promoter of this Project has deep penonomenian roots from as far as the nineteenth century. She has in her veins the blood of her ancestors that contributed to forge the history of this illustrious town. Her dream of this park converted in an outdoors art gallery was adopted with enthusiasm and promptitude by a group of citizens that shared her optimism for better days for the arts in the province.

The initial Project

The history of the Cocle province has inherently early artistic manifestations, evidenced by the discovery of the pre columbian artifacts, objects of great importance, not only for the nation, but in a very special way, for the study of the cultural development of the indigenous people of this region.

The first art in the park festival was celebrated in the 8 of December Park of Penonome on 31 of March, 2007. That event made it possible to give scholarships to an art student from the Estelina Tejeira Bellas Artes School. The amount of this scholarship was $ 350.00. It included the tuition and art materials specially choosen by the professors so that the students could accomplish their art studies. From the beginning it was established the number of scholarships would increase every year.

The second Festival took place on March 1 2008 and the third on March 21, 2009. By then more government and non government entities were interested in our activity. Included among them INAC, (National Institute of Culture), University of Panama Regional Center of Cocle, Ganexa art University, Association of Panamenian Plastic Artists, Universidad del Trabajo, VIEX from University of Panama, IPAT (National Tourism Authority). We received donations from individual citizens. We also received support from many volunteers.

The X Festival took place on March 11, 2016, with the novelty of a free musical concert in the park the night before the event.

In wake of the success of Arte en el Parque Festival celebrated for four consecutive years we have proceeded to become a legally based NGO called Foundation Arte en el Parque.


As a fundamental activity of the Foundation it has been established the organization and realization of this yearly art festival.

We wish to promote this festival as an art forum, but also as a place of marketing art pieces, taking into account the need to educate and sensitize the public that observes and buys the works of the artists. We want to make possible a fair price for the pieces without middleman. Also we pretend the artist would learn to evaluate the merchandising of his work in accordance with trends and commercial realities.

We want to support students of plastic arts with scholarships and donation of equipment and materials.

Is also our interest in the middle and long term to accomplish art education projects in cities and rural areas of our province.

In the long run we want to open an art gallery in Penonome. At the same time this gallery would house the headquarters of the foundation and would have rooms for training.

We would also like to have a group of supporters, Friends of Arte en El Parque, that will participate and help with all the work and objectives of the foundation.

As a side activity we need to collect, sort and systematize all the information concerning the artists that have participated in all festival of Arte en el Parque. For this we will create a data base with the profiles, catalogs making easy to evaluate the production of the artists.


All students and professionals of the plastic arts of this province and the entire country. For the common citizen, reinforcing the cultural appreciation of the work of art will make possible a better way of life.


2 comentarios en ““Arte en el Parque” Penonome Foundation

  1. hola,
    Tengo que reconocer que hasta hace poco no me molaba mucho elsitio,
    sin embargo con los ultimos posts estoy leyendolo mas veces y me ha empezado a gustar.

    A seguir igual!

    Me gusta

    1. Hola Gloria, como ves nos mantenemos y seguimos mejorando. No dejes de seguir los pasos de la fundación, sus miembros y colaboradores que todos trabajan con entusiasmo por promover la cultura de Penonomé y del país. Después de ocho años de ver como seguimos bien y mejorando, gracias a Dios porque tenemos un excelente equipo de incansables colaboradores! Esperamos verte en el VIII Festival!

      Me gusta

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